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Product Development Services

This is the new paradigm, and this is how development gets done.

What a concept: outside services that keep you in control.

SIS Development, Inc. offers highly specialized, wing-to-wing commercial OEM product development services. We’re flexible, agile, and uniquely geared – enabling us to provide your business a precisely customized suite of services based on your business model and your specific needs.

Our services include:

Whether you need assistance with a short-term project or a longer-term strategic initiative, SIS Development will assemble a team that will turn your vision into a reality.

We have the resources you need to deliver on time.

We’re not your typical work-for-hire developer. Our highly specialized teams provide domestic support and utilize advanced technologies and the latest industry innovations, such as:

IP networking products and software
Web-based and client-server software applications
Video, streaming media and audio
Digital signal processors (DSPs), uPs, advanced embedded products and firmware
FPGA and ASIC development

From research and design through engineering and testing, we
implement dependable processes that provide predictable
results. We execute on schedule, saving you time and money.

You keep all IP rights.

No kidding… and no haggling. Imagine this – a staff of industry experts work for hire, execute to a T, and at the end of the day you own the intellectual property and everything developed.

It’s one example of our easy-to-do-business-with approach that
also includes transparent billing and no huge up-front NRE fees or

We get it, because we’ve been there.

Anyone can talk a big game. But we back it up. We have managed formidable, leading-edge design teams shipping millions of products a year. We can build a development team to help you do the same. You’ll appreciate our approach to reliable, low-cost product development and our unrelenting commitment to service.

SIS Development has an extensive track record of high volume product and software successes in Fortune 100 and startup environments alike. Our clients are the undisputed leaders in their markets.

Our senior management and world-class development teams have unparalleled experience in OEM markets including, but not limited to:

We can take your vision from R&D, through engineering and testing, to manufacturing and, ultimately, to market.

But what if you need more? Our clients have come to rely on SIS for deeper, business-level services as well. Our management can help your company define product market requirements, identify new markets, create strategic partnerships, set an M&A strategy and more. We can also perform deep-dive analysis on your channels, customers, influencers, competitors and pricing.

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