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Business Professional Services

To develop your roadmap for success, you need to know where you’re going.

And then you need a team with extensive industry expertise to execute along the way.

SIS Development is uniquely geared to help on both fronts. For short-term projects or a longer-term strategic initiative, we provide a wide range of strategic end-to-end business services – from management-level planning to customized teams that will make your strategic vision a reality.
Our services include:

Business-level strategy development

SIS management has the experience and high-level executive intelligence to perform deep-dive analysis of your products, market opportunities, channels, customers, influencers, competitors, potential partners, and pricing.

Complete life-cycle product development services

From market concept through design and deployment, we have the resources to execute at every step along the way.
We can help you:

Business development

Our senior staff works with you and your team to create strategic partnerships, identify and assist with mergers or acquisitions (M&A), and perform due-dilligences (DD) and newly acquired company integration.

Intellectual Property (IP) management

We have extensive experience assisting our clients with IP planning, patent defense and other IP-related industry expertise. Furthermore, when you work with us, you retain ownership of all intellectual property.

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