Constructing a plan of attack


Our clients are the undisputed leaders in their markets, yet they rely on SIS to help them expand into newer, broader market segments outside their core proficiencies. We match our expertise to their needs and work with their teams to make their strategic visions reality.

Since our inception, we’ve identified new markets and opportunities for both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike.


SIS has an extensive track record of high-volume security product and software successes.
Our vast industry expertise includes:

SIS management has decades of deep industry experience in all segments of the commercial security market. Some of our professionals managed and developed product lines for the largest players in the field. Others built their own companies. The one thing we now have in common is that we all work to bring the same success to your organization.

A leading manufacturer of advanced camera systems came to SIS. They were the undisputed leader in their market and sought to expand into newer, much broader commercial security segments. But these were market segments they didn’t quite understand.

SIS understood these markets perfectly. We worked with their team to build a long-term strategic product development roadmap for the new market channel. And we didn’t just tell our client what to do. We executed the entire tactical plan end-to-end, which included an in-depth analysis of the overall market, sales channels, customers, equipment users and competitors. We even generated full market requirements for their next-generation product lines and then put the R&D teams in place and designed and prototyped the first new product lines on the roadmap.
The result – our client continues to be the leader, now with an expanded market and product line to prove it.